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How many words are in the average blog article?

We recommend articles to be around 600 words in length and generally not longer than 800 words. A 600-word article is a comfortable read that is long enough to be informative, but not so long that the reader loses interest. It is possible to adjust this word length and details such as this can be arranged during the consultation process.

What does a standard contract look like?

After the completion and approval of a trial article, you can sign up for 3-month, 6-month, or one-year contracts.

How often will WeWrite Crypto post on our company blog?

We would create an article to be posted on your company blog once a week. It is most effective to have a regular date (every Monday, for example) to ensure readers are accustomed to your blog routine, regularly check your social media posts, and routinely come back to read regular updates. If you prefer a higher frequency, it can be arranged with our team.

Can my company provide article ideas and titles?

Absolutely. In fact, at first, it will be especially helpful to communicate with our team about desired topics and themes. As time goes on and the WeWrite Crypto team gets a better idea of the flavor of content your team is seeking, we can take over the reins as desired.


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